Traveling is a right: even for LGBT travellers



Even today homosexuality is not accepted in many countries in the world, in some it is even illegal. This means that you always have to be careful and inquire about the country you intend to visit. Or at worst, give up on your trip.

As blogger Matt Long tells

“We enter new countries and situations behaving just as we would at home, which can be downright dangerous at times”

In many cases, you have to be careful with some attitudes in public. You have to limit yourself, which means you do not fully live your emotions while discovering a place. Everyone hopes they can give my partner a random peck on the check” as Matt says, and do not run into serious problems.

Those traveling alone may also feel forced to change their habits. All lonely travelers love to make new friends, feel free to do anything. For an LGBT traveler, this is not always the same. In some countries, while not being illegal, there is still some homophobia. So many times you are limited, or you are afraid to relate to other guys.



LGBT travelers do not travel differently from everyone else. If they visit Paris they go to see the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, they go to Rome to see the Colosseum and so on. They have no incredible claims, but “the only thing they ask for is respect”.

By getting in touch with LGBT travelers, you can find a more open and hospitable environment. Arriving at the hotel and not having to respond to the fateful phrase “Oh sorry, we had a booking for a double room, I’ll change it to a twin now!” Is the dream of every one of us. You can discover the city hand in hand, go to dinner together without feeling uncomfortable.


Here is Local Hero

This is why the new Travel Sharing application dedicated to LGBT travelers, Wimbify, is born. A simple app that has a leading protagonist, a true Hero who can solve these problems. A Local Hero, a local LGBT Friendly guide that drives travelers to discover the city in security. He is a local resident, so he knows what the current situation is in the country he is in. And just as a hero will save your trip.

The other characters are the Travelers, or LGBT travelers looking for a travel companion like you. You can join them in their proposal or make it yours and not travel alone.


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