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LGBT Travelers
LGBT Travelers

Why do you travel?

There are those who simply travel to find some relax during their vacation. There are those who have made it a trade. Those traveling for business and those traveling for love. But in each of these ways of traveling you will always find that different gradation that depends on the person itself. There is also the tourist who travels to visit a city or a place. Because in the end, if you are in Rome you can’t miss seeing the Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna or the Vatican. Just to name a few. It all depends on the kind of experience you are looking for or need at the moment.

Traveling with Locals

Recently there is increasing affirmation of the opportunity to meet locals, people of the place with whom to make an authentic experience. This way of traveling is typical of those who want to know the place where they are. Because just seeing a place does not mean living it in its authenticity.

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Travel LGBT

For a gay or lesbian traveler it is not always easy to travel freely, especially in countries where homosexuality is illegal. Since at home, an LGBT traveler has to compromise with the destination. Everywhere he/she is going to have to be careful about the laws of the place and in case they are limited in their attitudes.

Traveling with a Local Hero

Being able to count on a Local Hero who drives the LGBT traveler is an amazing help that can radically change his or her journey. Because Local Hero knows what the situation is like. So not only will you be able to experience an authentic experience but you can live it serenely without having to hide.

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