#MilanwithLocal Did you know that gnomes live in Milan? Well, maybe they are not properly gnomes but their houses are surely inspired by those fairy tales every one of us loved as children. We are talking about a quarter of Milan where rise up “peculiar” houses that recall the Smurfs’ ones. This is just one...
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Wimbify Milano
Starts from Milan the new Local Hero project by Wimbify, Lgbt Social Travelsharing app. Official launch during the Pride Week Its called Wimbify the new Lgbt Social Travelsharing app ready to take over Milan starting from the Pride Week, from the 19th to the 25th of June. It is a real community of Lgbt travelers...
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#MilanwithLocal From 16 to 20 June in Milan there is the Male Fashion Week Milan has always been the beating heart of fashion, even on the street you can see passing male or female models. But there are those events which you can’t miss if fashion is your reason for living. One of these happens...
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