Quartiere Arcobaleno Gay Milano

If you do not believe it, go see with your eyes. Within walking distance of downtown, exactly on Lincoln Street you will find a true Rainbow District. Yes, it is the most correct definition for an area full of colorful cottages and many trees adorning its streets.

This is a neighborhood born, as many here in Milan, since the arrival of factory workers. In this case, however, we do not find large sterile buildings, here the colour is the main character. Soon the locals began a real challenge with brush strokes. Each villa seems to compete with neighbours for the extravagance of its walls.

And so, it was that a cheerful pastel-colored street was created!

Quartiere Arcobaleno Gay Milano
LGBT Travelers and Local Hero

This is the added value of a trip accompanied by a local guide. Every year the tourists who come to Milan grow more and more, and yet most of them stop at the sight of the Duomo, the Gallery and its fashion shops. Of course, this is part of the soul of the city, but it is not everyday life. It’s not an authentic experience.

Wimbify’s goal is to allow all this to happen so that you can find your true experience, in complete safety and in full freedom of being what you are. You can find your Local Hero for LGBT travelers who accompany you to discover the city and its LGBT community.

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