Do you wanna show your city and make new friends?

Become a Local Hero

Wimbify is the new app that allows you to travel or to do as Local Hero for travelers who arrive in your city.

Thanks to Wimbify you can use your passion, your interests and share them with people coming from all around the world. Girls and boys who don’t settle for the classic travel but they want to live a place as a real Local.


Local Hero Gay friends
Become a Local Hero for your City

But, What does a Local hero do?

He’s an expert on the place, a resident who want to tell or show what his city has to offer. He wants to make anyone arrives feel at home and to help him to don’t run into unpleasant situations.

You can create your proposal, your way to live the city, that will be unique because reflect you! So you can find a foreigner friend who shares your lifestyle and will be happy to be accompanied by you to discover the city.






1. Download the app

Downlad the free app from Apple Store or Google Play

2. Upload your proposal

Follow your interests and your knowledge of the place, make your tour unique and authentic.

3. Wait for the first contact

Travelers will see soon your tour idea and if interested will contact you.

4. Start to earn

Start your tours, make new friends and earn money with your passions!


Travel mate Gay friendly
Ever dream of a trip but nobody comes with you?

Become a Traveler

Wimbify is the new app that connects LGBT travelers to share a trip experience together. It’s useful to find also a Gay-Friendly guide known as Local Hero in the city you are going to visit for your holiday!

Find your Local Hero

Thanks to Wimbify you can find a local who has your same interests and likes to share with you his experience in the city. You can choose between the tours they propose and live your travel as a real Local! Over the true essence of the place, your local hero will guide you safely in the Gay Life. Without the risk to run into unpleasant situations.


Local Hero Gay friends


Find your Travel Mate

If you are looking for a Travel mate you can use the free service of Wimbify and make your trip proposal. You can specify your destination and the period, otherwise you can search for other travelers’ proposals and join them. You together will share not only the experience but also expenses and save money, thing to not underestimate.

If you’re not satisfied by a classic trip but you dream to live a place as a real Local, Wimbify is the App right for you!



1. Download the app

Downlad the free app from Apple Store or Google Play

2. Upload your proposal

Insert details of your trip: destination, period and what kind of traveler you are

3. Search your Travel mate

Join the LGBT travelers community. Wait for the first contact or search for your ideal travel mate 

4. Reach together the Local Hero

Search together for the local hero right for you and reach him to live a unique experience