Never again alone for your travels!

Local Hero is coming

To travel alone is a lifestyle, a way to deal with the emotion to explore new places and meet new people. Because alone we are more free to make your own choices and to have a really unique trip!

No more gay travel alone

But to travel alone doesn’t mean at all to isolate themselves! Actually, all solitary travelers are ready to make new friends, meet people and to live a local experience.

What about an LGBT Traveller? Nothing changes, however by now it will be easier to find the local LGBT community. You will discover what are the events you can’t miss or curiosity only a resident can know.

Thanks to our #LocalHero you will not have problems to find a personal Gay-Friendly guide!

He\she will guide you to find out safely the city. Wherever you want to go you can search for a local hero and live your trip in peace. He knows where to go without the risk of running into unpleasant situations. He’ll take you to gay-friendly locals and where LGBT life takes place. You don’t need to do endless research on the web, just trust in him\her.

Not only, how many times happened you to choose a bar, a restaurant randomly but after you were disappointed and with a lighter wallet? Your Gay Friendly guide lives there, he knows best places for quality and price making you to save money and flops. You can live the true essence of the city, not the tourist facade!

Let’s say it, it’s always nice to have the help of someone to stay on budget and be able to afford some more experience. These are the ones that enrich your Journey!

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